Thursday, August 19, 2010

Young at Heart: Lazy Jane @ Fleatique tomorrow!

I personally love her unique way of presenting her accessories; looking just like desserts, they are all so yummy to me! Lazy Jane is famous for her cute accessories wear. Her designs are along the lines of “attention-to-details” Japanese craft making. Although her accessories are cute as toys, she still insists on producing every of them with high quality materials. From this, I make out that she fully understands the importance of and aesthetics and durability.

•More accessories from her store
•Know more about her at her blog

*Good news for all Singaporeans! Lazy Jane will be staging her flea market booth from 20-22 Aug 2010, 5:30pm till 11:30pm at the Esplanade Baybeats (the lawn next to Makansutra). She will be creating a range of unique necklaces exclusively for the flea market which are unavailable from her official website.

All images sourced from Lazy Jane website

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