Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Hunt: Back to School

Last post, I mentioned about my disappointment of returning home without a manual typewriter. Amongst all the gold items from my in-laws, they slyly kept a secret to save the best for last…
I am attracted to attractive packaging and will go bonkers especially when the packaging and contents are equally gorgeous.

▲ Lady Sheaffer (a limited edition originated from Japan) was a gift from a friend of my mother in-laws. The details of the pen are as pretty as its name.

▲ Sheaffer’s pens: It is a twin set of antique pens with a very retro textured cover box. The gold finishing created a nice touch to this baby blue box, substantial enough to boast a “never-out-of-date” design.

▲ Pelikan ink: After storing this for more than 20years, the ink is still in perfect condition and ready for my Sheaffer pen!

▲ Family outdoor set: This is a rare collection set in my favorite color. This is definitely a handy set for my subsequent camping trips!

▲ Flying Fish typewriter: What else can I say? This is something that I craved for the longest of time and I got it for free! How amazing! Although there are minor hiccups with the typewriter, I am still able to create some documents with it. Does anyone know the best place to repair manual typewriters in Singapore? Please kindly leave me the related information under the comments section. Thank you!


  1. oh my! that typewriter is so so nice! got to love the casing and logo. what problem do u have with it?

  2. Thank you Yen,

    I fell in love with it from the first sight too:)

    the space bar cannot be depressed, any idea where to get this problem fixed?