Friday, August 13, 2010

5 minutes pretty tape

I always adore Japanese designs, because they are ingenious enough to turn a simple item to a “must have”. One design I recalled is re-inventing the masking tape. It was treated as a decoration, instead for the usual taping. From changing the colors to decorative patterns, the humble masking tape is not longer just an ordinary masking tape. I got some for myself last year and they are still sealed in their original packaging because I always find it so “painful” to unwrap something I love.

Therefore, I created this 5 minutes pretty tape project for anyone who has the same challenge as I have.This project is so easy that you can do it together with any of your friends or family during the weekend. I am addicted to this project. Share with me your project outcome and it will be fun to share with my other readers too.

Enjoy my tutorial and for those who have enquires feel free to leave me a comment on this post. Thank you and Buon weekend!

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More masking tape ideas

Can’t get enough of this book? Get the Masking Tape Book with ISBN ISBN978-4-07-262088-5 (sorry I don’t know how to translate the Japanese title).


  1. It's amazing how incredibly simple it is to spruce up masking tape - thanks for reminding me :) I've been drooling over the different kinds of tape but so far haven't purchased any. Now I can make my own! Thank you.

    Kristin - The Goat
    (by way of One Pretty Thing)

  2. You're most welcomed, Kristin :)
    Other than marker pens and ink, you may try magic pens. I've seen other tutorials using water colors too, but it might take time to dry. I will be experimenting with glitter dust later and see how it turns out :) Share with me the outcome of your project, i would love to see how it turned out :) Have a nice weekend ahead!

  3. Oooo- glitter dust would definitely make some very pretty tape! :)

  4. What a cute idea, love the plaid!


  5. Emily, i will definitely share the final result here :)

    Thank you Rebecca & Taylor, i am glad you like it!