Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random pictures during Xue Lu Shan trip


▲ 努力装无辜小花,
Aw... here comes the "puppy eyes" attack

▲ ...终于获得爱的抱抱 ♥♥♥
and this is the victory hug

▲▼  被偷拍的狗仔
Both are targets of paparazzi!

▲▼ 嘉义休息站的游乐场
Kiddy rides in Jia Yi in playground

▲▼ 嘉义休息站的主题信箱
Mini house mail-boxes in Jia Yi rest-stop

▲ 进化的买菜篮
Rainbow-colored granny basket

▲ 很难不爱的粉红Vino
Vino - pretty in pink

▲ 中兴大学的复古椅子
Old-school chairs

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