Thursday, November 24, 2011

Flea Taipei 台湾行:台北之2011華山藝術生活節

Event: Huashan Living Arts Festival
Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei
Date: 22/10/2011

地点:华山文化创意产业园区 台北八德路一段1号



Day 1 in Taipei, as Mom and I decided to extend our stay in Taiwan after our visit to Xue Lu Shan. Coincidently, Chiaky, my Taiwanese  ex-schoolmate was available and happily volunteered to be my local tour guide for the day. How time flies! It's been 5 years since I met her. Those memorable days in Milan! We used to hang out and together scout for materials for our assignments. My very first stop in Taipei - Huashan,  where the Living Arts Festival made me re-live my studying days.

▲ 三只孔雀的复古商品
Triple Peacock Vintage goods
▲ 古着娃娃
Antique Doll 
▲ 三只孔雀的复古商品
Triple Peacock Vintage goods
▲ 三只孔雀的复古商品
Triple Peacock Vintage goods

▲ 无法抗拒的“红蕃茄”,现在已经成为我家的一份子了
"Tomato" is part of my family now~

Chiaky and I had a whispered discussion about these lovely artwork. We realized the man behind these artwork is Roger who was standing just right beside us, and coincidently, he's also Chiaky's friend. What a small world!~ 

▲ 所谓艺术无国界,就这样多了一个朋友, 而Roger也毫不犹豫的让我将他手上酷酷的“木头表”收集在我的相本里面。很酷吧!
It doesn't take a long to become "buddy buddy" with Roger. See! He is showing me his coolest wooden watch from WEWOOD.

▲ 健康的花椰菜系列,提醒你要记得天天吃菜。
Roger designed a series of broccoli keychains to remind each of us: "Veges every day, keep diseases away "            

Kai 是Black Rabbit 的和Roger528合摊的朋友,她把不倒翁化身成为很Kawaii的艺术品来传达正面的讯息给大家,每一件作品都能温暖你的心。
Kai is the creator of the Black Rabbit label, who manages to transform the roly-poly to the cutest characters for a series of stationaries. Each product comes with a positive message to encourage people to strive towards their life goals.

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