Saturday, November 19, 2011

Environment & surroundings in Xue Lu Shan


雪卢山是雪心文教基金會为了纪念雪卢老人(李炳南居士 )而建立的,目的是希望能延續他老人家弘法利生的工作。
Xue Lu Shan is a memorial in memory of Li-PingNan and named after his nickname Xue Lu. Xue Lu Shan's purpose is to spread Li's teachings to his believers.

▲ 营本部

▲ 落地玻璃窗,面对的是最能让人平下心的丛丛树林
Full ceiling glass windows have the best view to harmonize your mind

▲ 报恩殿,是学习的地方
Gratitude hall, the place where we attend our lessons

▲ 烧饭烧水,全靠它们
These are our main source of heat - burning gathered wood

▲ 被百年树木包围的雪卢精舍,是为这一次上课的学生精心准备的住宿
Our hostel which is surrounded by big trees were well prepared by the volunteers

▲ 很想知道,相框就是如此而诞生?
"Root of inspiration"

▲ 坐在这里,只想暂时闭上眼睛听听大自然的声音
Just want to shut my eyes for a moment and enjoy the rhythm of nature

▲ 忙着做菜的 Moomin,到底在准备什么样的早餐呢?
What does Moomin plan to prepare for breakfast?

▲ 偶尔,也可以换各角度聆听森林的交响曲
Occasionally, you can hear the musical notes of the forest

▲ 以前只看见近自己两米内的墙;
When perceptions are changed, life stories will change

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