Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Passing with flying colors: Olivia Ong

A talented young girl from Singapore had just released her new LIVE album last week. This is my current favorite album and I believe will stay that way for a long while. She is one of the very few low profile singers that has a natural talent to sing effortlessly. What I like most in her LIVE album are the extra emotional moments that she portrays when she sings. You can tell that she really enjoys interacting with her fans throughout her live show.

If I were given a chance to describe her voice, I would say: she sounds like a crystal clear waterfall, like distinctive whispers by my ear. I reckon this album a “feel good” collection, which can be listened anytime and anywhere, endlessly placing a soft smile on my lips.

▲ An Aladdin inspired pink jumper with a sheer polka-dot blouse reveals a fun and girlish side of Olivia. Her outfit portrays her as an artistic singer who can both sing and dress uniquely, in her own very beautiful way.

All images sourced from Olivia Ong Facebook Fan page

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