Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My essential kit

Hello readers, how was your day? I hope you had a wonderful evening. I was busy working on my product preparations these few days, as it will be released this weekend. I have received positive comments from the readers and I thank you for your support. I would also love to know if there’s anything else I can still improve on. Write to me, as I will be excited to hear from you.

Below is one of my essential kit.
Cath Kidston came out with this lovely sewing kit last 2 years and I fall in love with this immediately. I would love to share with you what’s inside my sewing kit.

Get a new sewing kit from Cath Kidston


  1. I absoutely love your sewing kit! I'm into mixed media embroidery now. Mine a disaster though.

  2. this is so lovely!!! maybe i will be more motivated to sew again if i have such a pretty sewing kit! hahah! am so looking forward to your shop's opening! :)

  3. Thank you gals!

    Dear Tsilli,
    Wow great, i believe you will do better than me. My embroidery might look nice at the front, but it's a disaster at the back too! :p

    Dear Yen,
    I am pleasantly surprised that this sewing kit also inspires you. But I still think i need to brush up my photography skills. Thank you for your comments. Currently, i am still busy preparing stuff for my "shop". they should be ready within this week.

    May the both of you have a wonderful long weekend :)