Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leit-Motiv per lui (Leit-Motiv for him)

It’s been a long time (since the Comme Des Garcons Pink Panther Collection) since I have seen such a fun collection. Men who are always complaining about seeing the same style everywhere have more choices now, instead of just “playing safe”.

Designers Fabio and Juan created a series of men’s collection with a variety of fun ideas. Their perspective of men’s fashion has brought a new dimension to men’s wear. These 2 completely different background designers know how to play with prints, patterns and styling. Their lovely animal prints and earth tones helped liven up their collection. I believe prints and patterns will become the revolution in men’s fashion in years to come. It will have the same impact as the “Pink Panther” Collection – creating the need for men to buy and wear pink.

•Check their official website Leit-Motiv here

All images sourced from Leit-Motiv

Credits: Oskar Cecere

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  1. loving the camourflage bags!- mr popo