Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gone too soon......

I need to take a short break for a couple of days.
A close friend of mine had decided to end his life 2 days ago. I rushed back to Melaka on Monday afternoon after this saddening news broke, through a shocking call from another friend. This was the most heart-wrenching news I have heard for long while.

Knowing ‘M’ for more than 10 years, we used to hang out together and share big dreams with one another. I respected this “big brother” of mine as he had always taken great care of me. I am sure that I was like a “younger sister” to him too. He’s such a caring person although he seldom boasts about it. The last time we met was just 2 months ago and he was very down then due to the passing of his mum (virus infection) and more importantly, he never had the chance to say his last goodbyes to her.

I couldn’t stop tearing when I saw him again for the last time, lying motionless in his “burial box”. It was simply hard to imagine a friend who was chatting and sitting just next to me 2 months ago has now ascended to Never-land. There were lots of fond memories flashing back to our good old days. His laughter and kindness were badly missed. A lanky guy with the most fragile of hearts; I wished this tragedy had never occurred.

I sincerely pray for him and wish him peace for his journey to the world beyond…
Goodbye, my dearest brother and friend…
You’ll be very, very deeply missed.
*swollen eyes welling with tears again*

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  1. shucks.. don't think too much and try to take it easy..