Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Treasure Hunt: Gold Rush

Last weekend, after reading the Yasashi Trading post from Sarah’s loft, I decided to pay a visit to Yasashi Trading at Bukit Merah. It promised a place filled with all types of vintage and antiques and most importantly, typewriters!
I always wanted to own a manual typewriter. Unfortunately, all the typewriters were currently sold out. According to the very nice shop owner, Alan, numerous readers visited his shop after reading Sarah’s loft blog. ☺ (Don’t underestimate the reach of her blog) Besides leaving my contact to reserve a typewriter, walking around that area also gave me a little surprise, which I will feature on later posts. I believe in fate with owning vintage. When it’s fated to be yours, it will be yours.

Contact for Yasashii Trading
Block 123, Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-114, Singapore 150123
Tel:6271 3308 Mobile:9067616

Without bagging a typewriter home, I was kind of disappointed. I joined my in-laws for dinner after that and while chatting with them about my disappointed trip, to my surprise, I released that my in-laws loved to keep old stuff (actually, they couldn’t bear throwing away old things). When they returned home, they started to dig out all their old stuff from their cabinets. Shockingly, guess what they found? Boxes full of vintage items! I started rummaging them through and picked a handful. Gold has always been more appealing to me; therefore I picked up the gold colored items and added them to my collection.

Dunhill lighter, my father in-law got this 30years ago for S$400+. It is still in good condition.

Dunhill ball-point pen, belongs to my father in law too and now inherited by my husband

Gold spectacles, this belongs to my husband when he was 13years old. I like the elastic “ear hook” which I can’t find in current designs.

Papermate ball-point pen. I really liked the combination of gold and the 2 black hearts. It made the whole design look so classic.

BULOVA watch


  1. Hehehe... I love the way you said "don't underestimate the reach of her blog" Made me laugh out loud. :P I was also very surprised how so many people went over too!

    I hope to find more typewriters so that I can pass it on to other typewriters lovers like urself. :D

    By the way I love the watch and the glasses. Very cool!

  2. Thanks :)

    Do let me know if you have more typewriter or other pretty items lobangs!