Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tanjung Pinang 三日游之古早味之旅:市区篇

Day 1:市区篇

日期:10th July 2015
地點: Tanjung Pinang


Tanjung Pinang, 对我来说很陌生。来之前,还频频被告知要做好心理准备可以忍受“脏,乱,烟”。我们的导游-Su来自Tanjung Pinang是我先生的同事也是家里的老么,上有三个姐姐和一个哥哥,我们很幸运这一个旅程还可以碰到他的三位姐姐。 

好久以前Su邀我们到他家玩,约了很久终于在上个星期可以重新体验古早味的生活。从新加坡到Tanjung Pinang要乘搭大约两个小时的Ferry(我平时不晕船但在船上的时候也有点小晕,会晕船的朋友记得自备晕船药)

Sindo Ferry是free seating的,所以座位是先到先得,船上有售卖Indomie的方便面和其他饮料,也有洗手间。买船票的时候,最好直接买回程的票(尤其周末特别难买票),到了Tanjung Pinang可以问当地人要到什么地方去取票,步行的话差不多8分钟的距离(因为取票的地方并不在码头)

Tangjung Pinang码头

从码头步行到Tanjung Pinang城市只要5-10分钟。这里,交通繁忙,人口集中,路人都随地吐痰和丢垃圾,所以会有点脏脏的。除了,那些负面的,这个城市给我的的第一印象,像走入70年代的电影场景,泛黄的建筑,掉漆的门窗和老一辈的生意人都聚集在这一城市里。


另外Su也告诉我们,Tanjung Pinang一天最少会停电五次,有时候10几分钟,有时候好几个小时,所以家家户户都会自备发电机,方便随时使用(是的,这一些我在旅程中都体验到了,其实回想起来我还挺想念的,想念小时候在农场停电的画面,当时的我到底在做些什么?吃冰棒?还是去附近的水池玩水呢?)。

Tanjung Pinang的分布小区名字也挺好记的,本地人以离开码头以外的距离来命名,所以你会常常听到 12batu,16batu的名字(既是12公里,16公里的意思,也就是地区的名字)。

To be continued……

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Muji Collaboration: 6. Workshops

The Joy of Giving

Throughout workshop process, I constantly asked myself, what is the meaning behind giving a gift?

I have been blessed with many things in life. And the biggest joy that I receive is being able to share that joy through the gesture of gifting. Through gift wrapping, I hope to bring the recipient of the gift back to his younger days where the joy of slowly unwrapping a gift still exists. Isn't the anticipation of the unwrapping another form of joy that we all forgot, in our busy and fast-paced lives? Enjoying a gift starts from the point of admiring the beautiful gift wrap, that's the process that I wish to have everyone re-live. And more importantly, having armed yourself with the skills to gift wrap beautifully (which is not a difficult task), the thought of making someone's day special, would surface ever more frequently. That is what I ultimately hope to achieve - to reconnect and foster relationships more frequently through intricately gift-wrapped gifts.

The analogy (see photo above) is to explain that gift wrapping can be used as a medium to bridge relationships; just like how a delicious dish is prepared - with Love.

This entire collaboration has allowed my humble self to share simple gift wrapping skills with all participants. And in fact, i also received many ideas, suggestions and constructive comments for my next collaboration. All thanks to Muji for the precious opportunity.

The blessings that I received during the collaboration: 
  • I received a big bag of goodies from Muji at the end of the final workshop
  • Was able to share the joy to gift wrapping with all participants 
  • I felt appreciated by Muji
  • Flash of happiness - many students temporary forgot their day-to-day worries and enjoyed themselves doing some craft
  • The spreading of gift wrapping ideas and the importance to create awareness that a simple act of beautiful gifting can change the world
  • Grateful for the tons of support that I received for this collaboration
  • Reconnection with the public and unfamiliar faces (I'm usually an introvert)
  • Beautiful sunlight during the photo shoots
  • This unforgettable Muji collaboration memory 
Above is the unexpected list of blessings that I never thought I could receive in 2014 and I am truly grateful for them. 

Benefits of gift wrapping:
  • Therapeutic/ healing/ meditation
  • Improve relationships
  • It’s the thought that counts 
  • Fully customisable
Today, is the Chinese New Year. Here's wishing all Chinese readers a Happy Lunar New Year and good health!

Is it possible to change the world by Giving?
Yes, because JOY is Contagious.
And Joy starts with You.
Joy up someone's day with beautifully wrapped presents!

Muji x Nong Jia Nü workshops photos
taken by Kuanth, Alex, Alicia, Ann and Shi Pei

12th December

 13th December 2014

 14th December 2014