Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Papaya River @ Hualien (Part 3 End) 台湾行:花莲之木瓜系民宿之农场篇(下集)

Have you figured out what's my favorite animal?
"They are..."

...neither the roasters
.....nor the hens

...the most adorable animals - the Alpaca!
▲ 喂羊驼时间到了!
It's feeding time!

▲ 这是奥丽微
Meet "Olivia"

Olivia: "baaa...I want the food you're holding on your hand... baaa."

▲ 它是赞,没错很赞的赞
Say hi to "Mr. Awesome"

▲ “赞”有一双老外的眼睛
Mr. Awesome with his pair of Casanova eyes 
▲ 把食物挂在身上的是“New Year"
Mr. New Year" - named after his birthday

▲ 它是黑妞
Don't ever think of messing with "Black Mama"
▲ 它是天使...and meet "Miss Angel"
▲ 翻滚吧Angel
 "Rolling Angel"

Olivia: "I feel good~tadadadadadada~"

▲ 羊驼常在进食有喜剧的表情和肢体动作(这又是什么?)
Alpacas often look hilarious while they eat 

▲ ♥_我被电晕了~(乖~姐姐把你带回家)
"Prince Charming" ~Can I take you home?~

▲ 作者不是我...
Interesting doodles (Wasn't me who drew these...)

▲ ...是黄老板的客人为羊驼而画的
...they were drawn by talented guests who loved and stayed at Papaya River countryfarm house

—The End-

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