Monday, February 16, 2015

Muji Collaboration: 5. Styling & Photo shoot

This is probably my favourite process: seeing my ideas turn into reality. I am not a professional photographer and I took all these photos with my iphone, and personally did all the photo styling. Browsing books and magazines that was plastered with quality photos like Kinfolk, Frankie and WeAr will enhance your creative styling. I will be lying if I said that I do not edit my photos, but the fact is that I spent plenty of time adjusting the colours and and lighting to match my ideals and imagination. To me, creating a poster is the best way to share an idea with the client and to deliver my message to the masses. 

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Photo styling:
Poster for Muji gift wrapping workshop

and the final poster for Muji workshop advertisement

Photo styling:
Craft: X'mas bunting flag and gift cards

Photo styling:
Craft: Semi-2D snowflakes

Photo styling:

Craft: Patch work Origami paper bag

Photo styling:
Craft: Tapeless paper bag

Photo styling:
Craft: Traditional wrapping and ribbon tying

And the final selected photos for the Craft leaf let are:

and the final "Thank you" poster

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To be continued...

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