Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tokyo surprises

In my previous post "来,笑一个 Smileys weekend!", I received a smiley postcard from Juwind's recent travel to Japan. After meeting up with her I received further surprises from her! Thank you so much~

1.Little gifts from Tokyo Skytree
The Strawberry cake from Ginza「銀座のいちごケーキ」です。

The strawberry cake and strawberry cookie

You can purchase the super kawaii strawberry cake here

「見ぃつけたっ」Others product from Tokyo Banana
image taken from Tokyo Banana

very cute packaging
image taken from 
Tokyo Banana

東京ばな奈しっとりクーヘン  image taken from Tokyo Banana


2.Yonagadou Modern Japan Reproduction Paper
• Paper (Musicians) 紙 (音楽隊)

nostalgic packaging
image taken from UGUiSU

more zakka goods can get from UGUiSU online store 
imagetaken from UGUiSU


3.Vintage scarf
• 90cm x 90cm

perfect size for Furoshiki and head scarf 

How to use Furoshiki
image taken from Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan
Innovative idea for the common basket bag
image taken from re:du


  1. 你真用心!找到那么多资料。存钱去东京吧!

    1. 谢谢,呵呵~或许我该对自己说“移民日本吧!”