Saturday, December 24, 2011

Delivery lady of the day 2

Date: 22th December 2011
Time: 1pm
Mission: Delivery lady of the day

I had a super busy week, and am sure readers who wanted to know what happened after the trading was completed. Yes, I feel responsible to share what happened next. 

▲ Mr. Lee's Thank you card
▲ 12:00pm

Ready to collect the last signature from Mr. Lee before deliver the groceries to Heart to Heart Service 

▲ 12:45pm

Arrived at Serangoon MRT station
▲ 1:00pm

Although I got Mr. Lee to sign on the card, he kept telling me not to thank him but the traders.

On my way to Heart to Heart Service 

Smiley goodies bags for the children under Heart to Heart Service welfare, I hope these little presents will provide a little Happy Christmas to them!

▲ 2:00pm

Arrived on time at Heart to Heart Service, I saw Mr. Sharana (Sister Teresa's 40 years co-worker, he's now the person who in charge for  Heart to Heart Service) welcoming me to the unit.

▲ Loading groceries was a very special moment for me. The receivers of these "presents" from the traders will bring a smile to their faces.

Message from Mr. Sharana to the contributors,

"Many thanks for your kind and generous donation of the  groceries which we just received today for our elderly friends & needy families! They sent their warmest greetings to all!

As Sister Teresa always said: "It is not the size of the gift but rather the size of your heart that matters". How joyful it is to know that someone do not have to suffer from hunger when you are able to share your gifts with them. This is truly Sister's life and practice of love and share."

▲ Unfortunately, Mr. Sharana fell sick 2 days ago. Maybe due to bad weather and being alone without his noble mentor (Sister Teresa). 

My long conversation with Mr. Sharana ( see next post) covered topics of life perception and understanding the late Sister Teresa's work.
▲ All groceries have been sent today to the elderly and needy families
▲ 4:26pm 

End of mission

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