Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rabbit Year Sourcing(兔年寻宝记 )- Part 3d

Date: 31st January 2011
Location: Grandparents' house


From my personal point of view, “sourcing “ is definitely more than searching for something physical. It could be the precious memories that grew up with us. After the flower trip, we stopped by grandparents’ house. Other than imagining the farm as my amusement park, this is also one of the places that brought me joy and laughter.

Besides being a farm owner in the countryside in Melaka, my grandparents like to travel to Melaka town (it takes them 45 minutes to drive from the countryside to town). Therefore, few decades ago they decided to buy a house in town.
I am happy that my grandparents insisted of not selling this house. If not, I will have nothing left for my childhood memories. After the farm is demolished, my grandparents moved into this house.
Recently, there are a lot of changes in the house. When I flip my old photos, I recall my childhood laughters in this house.


Genki swing
This is my favorite “toy” when I was a kid and I reserve this toy and no one can touch it when I am “driving”. I like to imagine it to be the time machine from Doremon and how I wish I could fly out to space with this Genki swing

▲ 从七十年代到今天,它总是无怨无悔的陪伴着我们成长
也是 满足我童年狂想曲的时光机

From the 70’s till today, Genki swing has always been the best companion in our family.
It is a cozy place for mum and her sisters to share their stories
It is also the “time machine” that fulfilled my childhood fantasies

▲中国风的兔仔 农历
Calendar for the Year of the Rabbit

▲ 复古广告 油灯
Antique oil lamp

▲ 保护阿公阿嬷双脚的温暖牌拖鞋
These shabby home slippers kept my grandparents’ feet warm

▲ 阿嬤的宝貝-小白
Grandma's sweet heart – Mr.White

▲ “起床啦,小白!
"Time to wake up, Mr.White!

First from left, my grandma was born with Chinese Peranakan blood.

▲ 历史留下的痕迹
Traces of history

▲ 难得一见的手绘搪瓷被完整的保留下来
Rare hand-painted enamelware

▲ 新年必备的怀旧鸡蛋糕模形, 相信在实面上已找不到了。话说几十年前,家家户户都是采用火碳来烧菜和制作新年糕点。
My grandma kept this cast iron Kuih Bahulu mold for nearly 40 years. In my mum’s and grandma’s generation, most Chinese families bake their Chinese New Year goodies with charcoal.

▲ 古董蛋卷模型,鄭媽媽跟阿嬤借了兩套模形想在新年前夕烘烤更多的古早味糕点。客人太有口褔啦!
Mum is going to bake some before Chinese New Year. Anybody who visits her house will get to enjoy her homemade goodies.

▲ 每当吃蛋卷的時侯粗心的我都不曾留意蛋卷上的独特印花。
Kuih Kapit, literally means egg rolls in Chinese, is one of the top ranked items in Chinese New Year goodies. This is the antique egg roll mold for making “kuih kapit”. Each comes with very nice animal patterns and I was so ashamed that I never noticed these until I saw this mold.

▲时光飞逝, 再次重见这些图案时,突然已年过了三十,而它们都是曾经陪伴過我的温馨回忆
Childhood memories burst out from the tiniest corners of my mind when I see these patterns

To be continued…

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