Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rabbit Year Sourcing - Part 3b

Date: 31st January 2011
Location: Melaka Central

.....sourcing continued from the previous post

▲ Heading to Melaka town with mum’s “Grandma” shopping bag

▲ authentic and un-commercialized flower display

▲ I consider this as Melaka Kitsch shop as you will never know what you might find underneath the shelves

▲ tones of stainless steel cookware

▲ Lei cha pot for grinding purposes

▲ Chinese rice bowl. Although I have been using these bowls since young - the unchanged size of the bowl with the same “old prints”

▲ retro-styled plastic colander reminds me of a pasta colander

▲ very pretty flyswatter

▲ charcoal burner

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