Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tour In Singapore Part 5 - Ann Siang Hill

My Malaccan friend who had stayed in Germany for the past 10 years was very impressed with the heritage in Singapore. The locals i.e. Singaporeans, know how to preserve and appreciate the beauty of these old houses.

Our historical town, Melaka, used to have numerous similar beautiful heritage houses. A good example of a road filled with heritage monuments is Jonker Street has now become a commercial tourist spot.

Due to the increase of rentals, aged shop owners with priceless traditional skills (e.g. craft making, baking, repairing, etc.) need to relocate. Sadly, the younger generation could not comprehend the importance of culture and thus allow the gradual lost of traditional skills. Probably in less than 10 years, the most priceless heritage buildings in Melaka will be gone. If money is no issue, I will personally refurbish and conserve all these heritage sites and allow all master craftsmen to continue their ever-diminishing business activities.


K-ki serves adorable and yummy cakes, I’ve tried 3 different types of their lovely cakes and I would consider every piece as a best seller.

The Little Drom Store
This corner mini store fills me with tons of my childhood memories. They still sell many of the toys, games, stationeries and many more goodies from the 70’s -90’s.
I particularly loved the location of the shop, It is well-hidden in Ann Siang Hill and once you step into the shop, it would feel that you’re in a mini Japan.

Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791
Baking hours: daily12pm-7pm except Saturday 12pm-4pm
Monday closed
Contact Number: +65 6225 6650
Website: http://www.kki-sweets.com/

The little Drom Store
+65 6225 5541
Website: http://www.thelittledromstore.com/


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