Monday, October 25, 2010

Sweet Heart: Vintage Goods For Sale

Vintage goods for sale:

I really love the designs of these pencil cases as they remind me of my sweet childhood dreams. They are extremely rare but 3 of them for sale because I have secretly collected and kept them for years. That’s how much I love these pencil cases.

▲ Vintage flower girl pencil case

▲ This pencil case comes in a “security” lock with its password showing at the top.

▲ Vintage folksy girl pencil case

▲ Vintage mushroom girl pencil case

▲ Vintage ROMANTIC colleen color pencil with metal box with 24colors


  1. so are these stuff are really for sale? Im kinda interested^^

  2. Hi! hi, thank you for your interest( i guess you must be a be fan of Macoto). So sorry, all items is sold out except the color pencils. Please leave me your email address if you are interested with the similar stuff :) Looking forward to your reply!~

  3. really?! All the magnetic pencil cases have sold out?! TAT anyway got other stuff that you would like to suggest?

  4. Yup, I would love to send some images to your :) Feel free to drop me a short message to my email address:

  5. Hi, is the colleen color pencils still for sale?

  6. Do you still have Chinese pencil cases for sale (like the one with the folksy girl)?