Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Magic accessories from JEM

Inspiration: Jem and the Hologram by Christy Marx

Jem and the Hologram has been a signature since the 80’s. Their coolest hairstyles, makeup and dressings are drove me crazy when I was young. My favorite character is definitely the one and only JEM with the pink hair as she has double identities and a pair of magic earrings.

▲ Images sourced from loony-archivist

▲ Images sourced from Barking Mad Pretty

For Sale:
Magic accessories
All accessories are made from vintage finds and wrapped with recycle fabric

▲ Magic neon yellow stud earrings, magic neon pink stud earrings

▲ Magic lacy neon pink earrings and magic lacy neon yellow earrings

▲ Magic lacy neon pink earrings

▲ Magic lacy neon green earrings

▲ Magic stud earrings

▲ Magic pink stud earrings

▲ Magic purple "diamond" ring, magic purple stud earrings

▲ Magic purple "diamond" ring

▲ Magic pink "diamond" ring, magic pink stud earrings

▲ Magic green "diamond" ring

▲ Magic green "diamond" ring

All are available in my Etsy store now!


  1. OH! Jem and the Hologram!! It was indeed a great inspiration for the 80s kids! Thanks for the great post!!

  2. Thank you polkaros, i am glad to find someone who have heard about JEM and yes, JEM and the hologram is truly truly truly outrageous !!

  3. Lovely accessories! And I used to LURVE Jem and the Hologram (still do)! What a creative way to translate the inspiration - great job!