Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank you Mr.Popo!

There was a big surprise for me yesterday - I received a big parcel from Mr.Popo. For those who grew up in Malaysia and Singapore Popo snacks will definitely be familiar. It is so very addictive cause you will never know when to stop. According to Mr.Popo you can get the classic Popo from selected stores in Chinatown all around the world.

Good news for Popo fans, they are launching a new flavor - Sweet and Spicy! I personally enjoyed it a lot as I learned a new method of tasting them. Here is the tip from Mr.Popo: place your sweet and spicy Popo in the fridge without opening it, leave it for at least 3 hours. And you will have a different experience with the brand new Popo. The new Popo is currently only available in Malaysia supermarkets, petrol kiosks and selected 7-eleven stores.

I love to have my Popo with my old school Fanta drink (although it sounds very unhealthy) and I wonder how other Popo fans enjoy theirs? I am looking forward to receive your comments.

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Image source from Popo

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