Saturday, February 14, 2015

Muji Collaboration: 3. Evaluation & Final Selection

The process of evaluation require a lot of thought and calculation on each craft, if you missed the previous post, here are the links:

1. Research
2. Design Development

There are some cost details which will be sensitive to share but I have a template on how Muji staffs and I evaluated all the factors to be considered.

Creating a well-thought craft is something I enjoy most. Besides the skills to be learnt at the workshop, the therapeutic rewards from gift wrapping were also considered.  The joy of giving is equally important and is something that I want to all students to takeaway. Remember the question that I asked during the research journey:

Is it possible to change the world by giving?
and my answer is: Yes (with a big smile)

Template of evaluation list
Each craft is selected according to the time, cost, learning outcome and other factors that will benefit both Muji and its target audience.

Taking into consideration from the previous briefing:

- Stamping
- Origami
- Origata
- Gift wrapping

Occasion: Christmas 2014
Target audience: Public
Duration: 2 hours
Preferable 4-5 crafts per workshop
Given deadline: 2 weeks
Size of class: 12

After a few hours of discussion, the list below was finalised:

Final selection
- Stamping 
- Gift wrapping 
- decorative item (2D snowflake)
- paper bag making
- gift tags

Occasion: Christmas 2014
Target audience: Public
Duration: 2 hours
Preferable 4-5 crafts per workshop (5 crafts with 8 techniques)

Given deadline: 2 weeks
Size of the class: 12

Craft #01

Technique #01: Traditional gift wrap

and Technique #02: Ribbon tying

Craft #02 Technique #03: Tapeless paper bag

Craft #03

Technique #04: X'mas bunting flag and Technique #05:
gift cards making

Craft #04:

Technique #06: Semi-2D snowflakes

Craft #05:

 Technique #07: Patch work
Technique #08: Paper bag making  

After the final selection, I will need to create teaching methods, art direction and photo style for all crafts that will be printed into the leaflet. More progress in the next post.   

Next: 4.  Lesson Plan & Sourcing

To be continued...

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