Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Unexpected gifts of year 2014

I was supposed to share these earlier but I was terribly sick for a week after the workshop.

I always believe that I have guardian angels around me, especially in my darkest days. This year has been very tough for me, nothing seems to be going right... but I am so blessed to have friends and family to light up my life during this dark period. Thank you so much for being there for me! December has been great every day and counting! I was thrilled when I met my previous student, friends and even silent readers who signed up for this workshop (you know who you are) and these really made my day! Wishing everyone a MERRY MERRY X'mas and thank you all for your support for the workshop! I am currently preparing the photos and write-up on the Nong Jia Nü collaboration with MUJI. If you are keen to find out more about the process, do stay tuned!

PS: Few students were asking me about the ribbon tying,  though it's a bit late, I managed to find a similar technique to guide you to tie a perfect ribbon.
Ribbon Tying video

Unexpected gifts 1: Small & Able give away, it's overwhelming to receive such a wonderful gifts that were "unintentionally" customised for you - it's like a big lottery win for me!
Thank you Sarah & Siew!

Unexpected gifts 2: This person has changed my life "a bit" according to what she said, but to me it's a lot more than that. She gave me this card before I started my workshop with MUJI, and yes, I was reminded that I am actually "FEARFULLY and wonderfully MADE" for something I am passionate about. A simple gesture that touched my heart, so, big thanks to Jo from The Letter J Supply

Unexpected gift 3: On the last session of my workshop with MUJI, my friend Dion and her hubby- 鐘先生 who signed up for the class, presented me with all my childhood snacks and a book that is all about Picnic! All my friends knew I am a big fan of different types of outdoor picnics and this book comes with all the guides and tips for me to "shine" in my next picnic.
So, thank you both for coming to my class and remembering what I liked most!

Unexpected gift 4: When the last workshop with MUJI ended, I received a bag that was filled with MUJI snacks and food, on top of a MUJI gift card, MUJI coupons and their 1st handmade card (*priceless*). What a great way to end this workshop with MUJI. Big big thanks to Jasmine, Alycia, Ann, Melody and all the unsung heroes who made this MUJI MAGIC happen at such short notice.

Unexpected gift 5: After the last session of the MUJI workshop, I hung-out at Macha House (beside Tokyu Hands) with Khim and Cindy who came to support me at the MUJI workshop. Then I jokingly and casually asked Khim's daughter - Kiki to buy me a present at Tokyu Hands. After we parted for home separately, Kiki took my words seriously and insisted of buying a gift for me (*sorry Khim*) and that's how i ended with a gift from this super duper cute girl - Kiki, haha! Thanks Kiki and Khim and I promise to be extra careful what I wish for next time :P
Unexpected gift 6: A student cum friend of mine - Sisca@happisis, who I have not met for a year, she gave me her first ever embroidery brooch with her unique style of illustration, don't you think this is so adorable?

Unexpected gift 7: I just received this Merci chocolate 2 days ago from my cousin who rarely gave me presents,  so it was such a surprise for me, it's always the thought that counts. Thank you Cam!

Unexpected gift 8: I received Yeoypawka Monkey caramel and Kallo Organic Mushroom Stock from my very talented and quirky friends - Kuanth & Sin. They can really read minds - how on earth do they know that I am always using this brand of mushroom stock? Thank you both for being such entertaining friends in my life!

Monday, December 8, 2014

More Tickets open for Muji x Nong Jia Nü Gift Wrapping Workshop

Fret not if you miss out the registration for MUJI Gift Wrapping Workshop, we are opening up more tickets for your purchase. Do check with MUJI 313 store for tickets availability!

*Each participant will receive a $20 Muji Gift Card and a Gift Pack on Event Day. Kindly register at Muji 313@Somerset Store
Muji 313@Somerset, B2 Space (outside Muji store)

12th Dec 2014(Fri):  6:00-8:00pm
13th Dec 2014 (Sat): 2:00-4:00pm

13th Dec 2014 (Sat): 6:00-8:00pm (SOLD OUT)
14th Dec 2014 (Sun): 2:00-4:00pm (SOLD OUT)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Muji x Nong Jia Nü Gift Wrapping Workshop

Calling all MUJI fans! Join me this holiday season to learn the art of creative gift-wrapping techniques & DIY decoration crafts in a 2 hour workshop session next weekend at Muji 313!
*Each participant will receive a $20 Muji Gift Card and a Gift Pack on Event Day

Kindly register at Muji 313@Somerset Store

Muji 313@Somerset, B2 Space (outside Muji store)

13th Dec 2014 (Sat): 6:00-8:00pm
14th Dec 2014 (Sun): 2:00-4:00pm

#muji #mujixmas

See you there!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

当艺术家遇见面包师(下)-住的好篇Opposite place

如果你在Eat at 18用餐时稍微留意会发觉楼上有另一片天,靠近Eat at 18的天井有个通往秘密基地-Opposite Place的小楼。为了保护住户的私人空间,不能开放给大众参观。shhh...偷偷告诉你们,我也是因为得到业主人的特别邀请才有机会可以把美景带回家。

Opposite Place分为East Suite 和 West Suite, 感觉上是一个太阳和月亮组合,他们像极性格相反的双胞胎。

Opposite East Suite
在太阳般温暖的East Suite, 每个角落都可以找到阳光。房里长形的洗手间有两张可以坐着聊天看风景的高脚椅,还有一个带有自然光和凉风角落可以让你躺着看书,就算你什么也不做也觉得很自在,感觉像家一样是个可以让人放心的地方。如果在外面走累了,还可以一边泡澡,一边欣赏古城独有的怀旧街景,好好的放空。

Opposite Place is divided into only 2 suites – the East and the West Suites, providing exclusivity to the handful of guests per night. Both suites are like non-identical twins, each exhuming a unique style of its own.
East Suite Impressions: Nostalgic/ Homely Comfort/ Relaxed/ Bright & Airy

Opposite East Suite
地点 Address:18, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Melaka. West Malaysia
电话 ContactTel +6016 274 9686/+6012 623 9459 (Eli)or(Sharen) at +6012698 4917

价位 Price range:Mon-Thu RM$499 per night,Eve of public holidays, public holidays and weekends(Friday to Sunday) RM$599 per night,
居住 Occupancy: 只限2位成人 Strictly 2 adults only

白天 Day的 East Suite

 夜晚的 East Suite
Night at East Suite

Opposite West Suite

月亮般神秘的West Suite, 像是个优雅又懂得浪漫的艺术家。很念旧同时也喜欢永不褪色的时尚。里面还住着许多有故事的古董装饰和有美感的现代家具。在房里走了一圈,感觉在看一场老掉牙的电影,时间停留在黑白空间,得细心观察才能发现里面藏有的灰色地带。
West Suite Impressions: Glamorous/ Up-market/ Luxurious

Opposite West Suite
地点 Address:18, Jalan Hang Lekiu, 75200 Melaka. West Malaysia
电话 ContactTel +6016 274 9686/+6012 623 9459 (Eli)or(Sharen) at +6012698 4917

价位 Price range:Mon-Thu RM$599 per night,Eve of public holidays, public holidays and weekends(Friday to Sunday) RM$699 per night,
居住 Occupancy: 只限2位成人 Strictly 2 adults only

不同性格组合的拍档吸引了不同国籍的人同在一个屋檐下。Opposite Place的美,会让客人难以抉择到底要留在房间慢慢的度过一天,还是欣赏外头还没被看见的景色。

带你远离资讯爆炸的都市,感觉像家的East Suite
把时间凝固在黑白世界里,让你忘记时间的West Suite
还有一个可以同时满足你的味觉和视觉Eat at 18

特别感谢Musang Lena Residences让我与先生在Opposite East Suite 渡过了难忘的一天:)Thank you guys so so much!~
(告诉你一个小秘密,Eli在每天打烊后,会开始做面包,面包刚出炉的香味绝对有办法让你回神。她说:“尤其每个星期六早上刚出炉的英式松饼味道最诱人。” 会把睡梦中的你悄悄的叫醒,星期五的客人你有福了!)

To spend a night at Opposite Place is like a peaceful and quiet urban getaway, with the sights and sounds of enduring Malacca at its doorstep, waiting for its guests to explore. Wooden floor boards and earthy walkways add flavour to the hotel’s styling and charm. Guests will be torn between lazing in the beautiful rooms and roaming the nostalgic streets that lay around the vicinity.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked scones is the privilege of Friday night guests (Eli usually bakes them on Saturday morning!). 

To fully experience the romantic journey of sight, smells and taste, deliciousEat At 18and tranquilOpposite Placeshould be considered not just as a part of your itinerary, but as a rest place, every time, for your tired feet and for your hungry tummies, to compliment your trip to historical Malacca.