Thursday, October 24, 2013


Joy blooms through craft and good company! So join NONG JIA Nü AND SEWINLOVE on a lovely PETALS X POMS CRAFT PICNIC ON 17/11/13 (SUN), 2-5PM AT EAST COAST PARK, SINGAPOREBring a friend, spread the joy!

We'll be crafting up lovely flower and pompom wreaths and crocheting a flower necklace. We'll PROVIDE IVY TWINE, ASSORTED YARNS, POMPOM MAKERS, AND SOME SIMPLE CRAFT SUPPLIES and tools such as scissors.

Bring: Scrap yarns of any kind and scissors

Bring: MT Tapes, Flower tape (green), UHU glue, or anything craft supplies to enhance your wreath

Bring: crochet needle, yarns and scissors

Bring: a bunch of  flowers to share and mix&match with others, garden shears, linen thread, jars/container/glasses for the flowers you brought and your own flower arrangement 

Please bring YOUR OWN PICNIC MAT, UTENSILS AND PLATES, POTLUCK FOOD&BEVERAGES enough for yourself+another 2 persons (total 3 pax servings) and most importantly  your joyful spirits!~

NB: Exact venue will be posted before event day. Picnic will take place rain/shine unless a pretty fearsome thunderstorm threatens. Pray for good weather!

Click HERE to join us!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our blooming affair "花"絮 -Chapter 3

*remember to check out Chapter 2 for more stories...

from left to right: Juwind, Janet, Cassandra and me
Thank you Cassandra for sharing your photo with us! Love this photo ^_^

Chapter 3: When happy flowers meet happy people

Our blooming affair "花"絮 -Chapter 2

The long awaited photos snapped at the Thumbelina Petals Workshop are finally here! Apologies for the long wait as I had some personal matters to attend to, back at my hometown, Malacca. Thank you for all your patience!

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all who have contributed to make this workshop a great success!
Firstly, to all students who have taken the bold step to spend your precious afternoon with Thumbelina Petals. It was my pleasure to host all of you!
Secondly, the decor of the workshop would have never been this elaborate without the help of Groopies - Juwind, Sisca (Thumbelina Petals's Chapter 1 student) and my lovely husband who unconditionally offered their time to setup the venue the day before. Of course, the workshop would never have been possible too without the owner of Cafe Pal, Victor, who had graciously offered his events space to hold this lovely workshop and provided yummy cakes and flower-themed drinks during the workshop.
Also, the professional photos taken had to be given credit to Yen, who had offered her keen eye for details to record all the beautiful scenes of the workshop.
Lastly, I could not thank more to The Little Dröm Store,Vanilla Minuet, Gracesmiths, Monday Flying, In Merry MotionPolka Ros, friends on Facebook who have offered their reach to spread the Thumbelina Workshop event and schedule.
I will always be grateful to all I have mentioned above and also those who I have unknowingly left out. (Please forgive me!)

This workshop has also evidenced that kinship and friendships are still very strong on this tiny island. There have been many instances where friends had a great time attending the workshop together, mums-daughters/ sisters reaffirming their bond through craft and even students receiving the workshop session as a birthday gift! (individuals will know who you are)

Thank you again to all who have made this workshop a tremendous success.
I will have to drain my juices now to prepare for fresh upcoming workshop ideas! 
Do visit periodically and watch out for new events nearing the end of 2013.
Till we meet again.. Ciao!

ps: Check out more photos in nongjianu facebook!

Joanne from Thumbelina Petals -Chapter 2 has blogged a very detailed and interesting entry right here

Chapter 2: When happy flowers meet happy people

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