Friday, July 12, 2013

Behind the scene of Thumbelina Petals workshop

Date: 8th June 2013
Location: Home sweet home

A month before the Thumbelina Petals workshop, Juwind and I wanted do a photo documentation for our very first flower arrangement workshop. The photo shoot session lasted 9 hours excluding the reshoot that was done the next day. We were so glad and relieved that these photos attracted enough students to enroll for the workshop.

Have a cheerful weekend :)

Special thanks to Vivian who assisted us during the photo shoot!

morning preparation...

Good morning flowers!

Making the whimsical flower bouquet.
(Juwind is wearing floral embroidered white dress from Everyday Life Store)

Making the hand bouquet

and a mini bouquet


  1. May i ask where to get the lace curtain? Thank you.


    1. HI Vivianna,

      Thank you for your interest, it is from IKEA ^_^