Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A flashback of an unforgettable event- Week 6 (actual day) Chapter 1


终于整理好去年在圣诞前夕参与的The Christmas Pop-up Store organised by The 3rd Space(为圣诞节主办的创意市集)时展览的照片。我想代“小人物”成员所有为“小人物”留下美好回忆的摄影师们说声:“万分感谢!”


一个看似不可能的任务,也因背后有许多无名天使伸出援手而顺利完成。尤其想要感谢主办人Joanne Lim热情的邀请还有协助。在梦里也没想到像我这样没名没份的业余爱好者,也可以拥有一个属于自己的平台来分享自认为美的事物。也要谢谢那些无条件帮“小人物”完成任务导致三更半夜没回家的朋友-Lai-San,Su Fen, Chang Wen和Cindy,有你们真好!~





四个敢做梦但没名没份的小人物们聚集在一起搞搞生活艺术相信团结就是力量。 小人物们相互学习及互补成员不足的地方来圆梦。



1. 農家女 Nong Jia Nü 
2. Monster Jelly Fish 
3. 孩子氣 Groopies 
4. Feimila 
5. Thumbelina petals by Nong Jia Nü+Groopies+Joanne Lim 
•you may follow us @ 小人物 DOT TO DOT Facebook

Happy New Year to all my readers! Last month, it was my pleasure to be part of The Christmas Pop-up Store organised by The 3rd Space. Big thanks to the pretty and bubbly Joanne Lim who invited me to this fabulous event, her fellow friends Li-San,Su Fen, Chang Wen and Cindy who stayed up till midnight to help my friends and me to set up our store the day before. Wouldn't know how to manage without you guys. A million thanks! 

This is my second attempt in setting up a public store and through experience, I realised that there only exists a very tiny craft community in Singapore. Hence, I gathered my close like-minded kakis (friends) and formed 小人物 DOT TO DOT  for this event. 

"Two connected dots form a line; 
Connected lines form a rainbow; 
A hand painted rainbow leads us towards our dreams; 
Creating childhood nostalgia."

Who we are?
DOT TO DOT was born when 4 like-minded friends collaborated to maximize each other’s potential to realize a dream. What we do: We sell wear-able, edible, usable art, made with love to share the innocence of true happiness. 

Our common goal? 
Sharing happiness with our tiny packets of joy by making our dreams a reality 

Member of Dot to Dot 
1. 農家女 Nong Jia Nü 
2. Monster Jelly Fish 
3. 孩子氣 Groopies 
4. Feimila 
5. Thumbelina petals by Nong Jia Nü+Groopies+Joanne Lim 
•you may follow us @ 小人物 DOT TO DOT Facebook

Let's start with a couple of the actual day photos shot by various talented photographers (thanks and grateful to all). And we'll take a trip back 6 weeks earlier to showcase the planning and preparation highlights towards the big event. 

And here we flashback......

Photographer No.1-Joanne Lim
you may follow her at instagram

from the left: Feimila, me,Jelly Fish and Juwind

 Photographer No.2-Vivian
 you may follow her at Wandering Curiocity

 be continued

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