Wednesday, March 28, 2012

归属感(晚)It's good to be home (night)

The same day after dinner, I took a 1 hour walk from Sungai Melaka to Kg. Morten - the most beautiful Malay village in Malacca town.

On my journey...

A giant dragon was affixed a week before Chinese New Year

Buildings along Sungai Melaka were decorated with all kinds of lights 

We have arrived at the most beautiful village in Malacca town - Kg. Morten

I was pleasantly surprised to find a "live" Malay Museum in this lovely village

Guess what, this was one of the many village stays at Kg.  Morten. This is a prettier alternative place to stay if you visit Malacca, besides the usual Jonker Street.

A pink "Kampung House" , so unusual to see "kitsch" kampung house in Malacca (not sure if this is available for village stay?)

Even as a local, I do not mind staying in one of these houses to learn more about the malay village culture

Victorian dining area in a Kampung house! *fusion* 

I can't wait to go back to Kg. Morten again and next time I will photograph this place in daylight. I am so excited now as I am going home tomorrow! ~Hello Malacca! Farewell Singapore! (at least for now)~

Have a good weekend all! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

归属感(早)It's good to be home (day)



直从由国外升学回来,我才真正发觉自己土生土长的地方在很多外国人的眼里是那么的独一无二。当时,我狭窄的世界里只有西方的美好。念旧和贪新忘旧分别就在一念之差,《 Malacca: voices from the street 》 测底改变了我看马六甲的角度。我开始用相机记录每一次回家的旅程,开始注意一些不曾留意的事物。


Returning to Malacca has been my monthly routine. When it's time to head back to Singapore, it usually is hard - I really miss all the nostalgic sights and sounds that I'll leave behind. An example are these photos, taken way before Chinese New Year, on one of my many visits to Grandma, who is staying in one of the plentiful, peaceful and quiet villages in Malacca. 

The MUST have "Rojak" stall before visitng grandma

One of Grandma's enamel collections

My aunt is always eager to pick the best coconut for me! (so sweet of her~)

These lovely pink flowers existed even before I was born

Home-grown passion fruits

and rose apples in recycled cushion cover



In the afternoon, spending time walking under the sun, with "Clover" (my green umbrella) is a great way to explore the many interesting places and people around the neighborhood.