Monday, December 5, 2011

Papaya River @ Hualien (Part 1) 台湾行:花莲之木瓜系民宿之住宿篇(上集)



Location:Taipei Railway Station
Destination: Papaya River Country Farmhouse
Address:176, Hualien County, Ji-an Township,Guanghua 8th St, Taiwan 973
Time: 8:50am

On a cheerful morning, my mom and I headed to Papaya River(B&B country-farm house) at Hualien. It was our first time travelling by train in Taiwan. The journey from Taipei to Hualien takes about 3 hours and according to my friend, Hualien is the largest county in Taiwan and is very well known for its natural sights.  

Papaya River Country Farmhouse in Hualien, is one of the very few places that rears our favorite animal. Without hesitation, we made a last minute arrangement to stay here before embarking onto Taiwan.

By far, this is the best stay we had in Taiwan. Well, I have to admit, I wasn't expecting too much of the accommodation. As I stepped into the farmhouse,  I was impressed by the amount of effort that the owner had put in into his country farmhouse. The decor of the farmhouse has been carefully selected with choice materials used for all its furnishings. This is evident in the entire building and also its surroundings. Needless to say, the magnificent view and the luxurious size of our room was well received.

As the most exciting part of our entire Taiwan trip, we soaked up and pampered ourselves after the week long hectic journey and enjoyed the slow pace of life in Hualien.

▲ 8:50am
3 hours journey to Hualien

▲ 座位前有很可爱台湾海报
I discovered a cute illustration that promoted Taiwan Tourism...

 ▲ 也是名插画师Adrian Johnson为台湾操刀的作品之一,名为Natural Beauty

... and was called Natural Beauty and it was created by renowned British illustrator - Adrian Johnson.
I always loved vintage themes,  and seeing his work it reminded me a lot of the 1960's fashion trends where bold colors were married with a sense of humour.

▲ 走进大门

▲ 传来的是淡淡的桧木香
We were welcomed by the natural scents of the cypress furniture 


▲ 暗中偷拍露天洗澡的小白
Candid Camera!

▲ Ohayoo~早餐准备好了!
After a well-rested night's stay, we were ready for a sumptuous breakfast!

to be continued...

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