Monday, May 2, 2011

Ubin Adventure Part 1

Where should I begin?
It's been almost 4 months since my last post, busy - can hardly be the excuse for not being persistent ...

I can't remember the first time I heard about Pulau Ubin. It was one of my foreign ex-colleagues who mentioned that she visited an interesting place that oozed Nature. Then, I was only interested in shopping malls rather than the natural world.
One day, my hubby suggested that we visit this island when he noticed my google-box taste switched to the National Geography from the usual Fashion TV.

Granite stone

Adventure location: Pulau Ubin, North East Singapore

Pulau Ubin/Granite Stone Island/ in hokkien Chioh Sua (stone hill) was named after the granite quarries which were abandoned years ago. Due to the modern amenities and conveniences on mainland Singapore, the most of the existing residents on this tiny island have relocated to mainland Singapore and there are only a handful of residents left on this 10.19 km² island.

▲ 6:30 Boarding from Changi Point Ferry Terminal with 2 friends

•Public bumboats daily operating hours: 5:30am-9:00pm
•S$2.50 per person for a one-way trip (maximum 12 passengers)
*for bicycles there will be a surcharge of S$2 each
*Important note: Boat will only depart when all (12) seats on one boat are taken up or you may charter the entire the boat for yourself at S$30

▲ Jetty
6:45am, it took about 15 mins to arrive at Ubin Jetty (was enjoying the warmth of the sun rise that I forgot to capture this beautiful scene!)

▲ Pondok/ Makeshift shelter
Pulau Ubin conjured a very surreal feeling of entering into a 1970's movie setting that I completely forget that I am on one of Singapore's most laid-back islands.

▲ Ubin town shop lots
I believe most of the income for Ubin residents are from the tourists and there are quite a number of restaurants, grocery shops and bicycles rental kiosks near the main Jetty.

▲ Ubin town shop lots
According to my friend, the town looked exactly the same since her last visit 5 years ago.

▲ Coconut welcome sign
Before the computer era, movie posters and advertisement ads were all painted by hand and I was pretty surprised to still see number of these hand-painted advertisements along the Ubin journey. It must have been done years ago by a painter with amazing skills.

▲ Seafood Sign
Vibrant sign with lenghty effort, I wonder how long it took to complete this advertisement board?

▲ In a small town surrounded by nature, it is hard not to pay attention at these hardworking ants who work 24/7

▲ Daisies made me smile like this ^_^

▲ No.8
Here, this is the place where you can sign up for a Kayak Adventure around Pulau Ubin Ubin Kayak

▲ Ubin Kayak
*There are a couple of activities that you can participate in Pulau Ubin, Wild Singapore has the best suggestions on what to see and do on Pulau Ubin

▲ Spoiled by choice with the selection of bicycles, the red one? pink? blue? ... *confused!*

▲ Final selection of my "bike of the day", a great deal at S$10 for both the bike and the lock

▲ 1980's kids' favorite drink - Kickapoo

▲ In 2 mins we will be reaching the "Meeting Point" in Pulau Ubin, can't wait to begin the journey!

to be continued...... look out for part 2 (soon, you have my word)


  1. 终于看到你的乌敏岛之旅了!哪里居然有daisy!?!喜欢那张白墙和湖蓝色的wheel barrow,看了心狠痒很想去~


  2. 对啊!我也休息了好一段时间,是时候该该分享照片了。那些都是野 "daisy",我觉得还挺可爱的。可以策划一下来个四人游怎么样?

  3. 是啊,相信你过去几个月也拍了不少漂亮的照片,赶快整理好然后公诸于世!花虽然是野的,真的都很可爱~


  4. 3人好过没人。当然有!给我一些时间整理再公诸于世吧!