Monday, April 11, 2011

香港娃娃 Hong Kong Dolls



这些极为罕见娃娃的数量非常有限,而且他们从来没被使用过。他们并不是100%完美的,你可能会发现一些历史的“痕迹”,褪色或是损伤的服装和塑胶。重点是,每一个娃娃都是独一无二的。所有的些娃娃将于这个星期三 (13th April 2011)出售, 有兴趣的朋友可以到Cat Socrates专店购买。


Are you a vintage doll collector? These 80's plastic dolls are made in Hong Kong. I believe those who were born before the 80's might have seen this "old mate". They have been abandoned in an old toy store at Kuala Kangsar, West Malaysia, for donkey years. Even though they were well kept in a big plastic bag, they are still covered by layer after layers of dust (which I spent 2 days cleaning).

Plastic world began in the 70's and was one of the biggest trends to have everything made with colorful plastic. During the 80's, I remembered every neighbor having one these dolls and we considered this as our "baby" and we will bring them wherever we went. I am pretty sure these "babies" will bring back a lot of memories for the plastic generation.

I have very limited quantities of these dolls as they are extremely rare and they have never been used before. And they are not in perfect condition as you may find some age spots, color fadings, damage on the plastic and minor scratches on the clothing. Every one is unique. All these dolls will be available this Wednesday (13th April 2011) at Cat Socrates. Go get yours today before they run out!

Length of the doll: 24-28cm