Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rabbit Year Sourcing - Part 1

Date: 22nd January 2011
Location: Ikea & Carrefour, Singapore

▲ I wished I had my mum’s green fingers; sadly my plants refused to grow at home

▲ Seeing these beautiful plants tortures me! *giggles

▲ I hear them crying “Buy me! Buy me!”

▲ Thought of serving unique goodies for Chinese New Year

▲ Swedish berries, yes/no?

▲ A very special coconut drink, S$2.60 each from Carrefour. These are the coolest drinks to serve with Bossa Nova music.
• check out their official website at PEARL ROYAL COCONUT WATER

▲ Happy fruit drink, S$1.40 each, from Carrefour. It makes me happy!
SANGARIA JAPAN official website


  1. Hi I love the pink flowers. What kind of plant is that?