Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Once upon a sunny day…

SUNGEI ROAD - I finally made up my mind to visit the very authentic Sungei Road yesterday. This place reminds me of one of the largest flea markets in Milan.
I love to visit places with minimal expectations but return with full of surprises. This might be the only “unpredictable” shopping place in Singapore.

SUNGEI ROAD: Open daily from approximately 11am-7pm (very unpredictable timings)

▲ 2:15pm
From Bugis MRT station, there is this lovely post box that brightened up the entire area.

▲ 32°C feels like 40 °C

▲ 7 mins of walking, finally arrived at the very mysterious Sungei Road

▲ Fell in love with this pink suitcase (at Larut Street) but the shop owner was not around… my fate with this bag - so near yet so far. I’m moving to another area but my heart is still with the pink suitcase

▲ Meeting the owner is like meeting an angel with a halo. Final price: lucky number $7, a great deal for this pretty pink suitcase.

▲ Another angel - Mr. Tan (crowned as Sungei Road Drawing Artist) came and offered me a live drawing in my journal.

▲ Media: traditional Chinese ink

• Less than 5 minutes 人山人海- “people mountain people sea” (Chinese idiom – crowded with people) is born

▲ Can you figure out the people, mountain and sea in this painting?

▲ On my way to Lavender MRT station

▲ 5:30pm
Found this rotary pink cutlery set at only $5. What a great way to end the journey!