Monday, September 20, 2010

Heirloom by Dolo

If you have ever visited Limau Limau Café (my previous post), you should be familiar with Dolo’s paintings.

I got to know this Fashionista many years ago while both of us were still students. He is one of the very few artists who can draw and paint with effortless energy. When he paints, he paints with his emotions and heart.

Other than being a local artist, Dolo is working full time with the brand Crocodile’s art direction, both in Singapore and Malaysia. If you ever walk past any of the Crocodile outlets and are attracted by its display and styling, Dolo’s the man behind the scene.

With the pressures of life and work, Dolo balances his life with imaginative painting. Melaka has always been a big inspiration for him as it is the place where he finds his inner peace and energy. Heirloom is a series of paintings inspired by his memories and life story as a Malaccan.

Follow Dolo's fan page at Facebook and visit his personal blog here.

•Collection of 10 artworks
Size: 12" x 12"

If you are interested in buying his artwork you can write to him at for further information.

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