Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Monday!

Monday is the first day of work, and it always feels like a longest day of the week.
When I was still employed, I used different methods to cheer myself up every Monday morning, as I believed in keeping myself energized before the start of every day.

Browsing my CDs, I found my Takashi Murakami kaikai&kiki DVD, which was packaged with the magazine, VOGUE Japan, 2 years ago. The colorful flora smiling face is an absolute eye candy.

I believe many people have seen this video a couple of years ago where Louis Vuitton collaborated with Takashi Murakami. The little girl in the video will definitely brighten up your Monday mornings before you go to work.


One more animation by Takashi Murakami for Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton presents Super Flat First Love by Takashi Murakami - HD.mp4

images and videos
Louis Vuitton
Takashi Murakami

Another video I want to share with all my readers is "I love your smile" by Shanice I also enjoy this very much, listening to its melodies on my way to work previously.

Remember, a smile will always bring positive energy to you and people around you. Be perpetually generous to share your smiles, because the number of your smiles you share accumulates luck.

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