Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello everybody! How was your weekend?
Well, I had a very busy weekend last week. I have finally posted up some products in the Etsy store for sale. I have been planning this for half a year and yet there is much more to improve.

Today, I spent my time reading Meylah’s blog. She provides various tips for newbies who has just started their online businesses and blogging (I am one of them ☺) and I found these tips very useful. I’ve been searching high and low to gather these information and she has answers to all my queries in her blog. After reading her useful articles, I know that I have much more to improve on.

10 of my favorite articles from her

1.Tell Me More: How Blogging Boosts Creative Businesses
2.Branding You: 5 Ways to Build a Community
3.Ship Shape: How to Handle 5 Common Shipping Problems
4.How to Write Product Descriptions That Tell a Story
5.Time Out: 4 Time Management Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs
6.Maintaining a Consistent Brand
7.8 Tips and Tricks for Craft Blog Success
8.Store Policies: Six Key Topics To Cover
9.Bookkeeping for Your Creative Business: Interview with Holly Neitzel of Accounting SPOT
10.Six Blog Post Ideas for Creative Entrepreneurs

All articles sourced from Meylah

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