Monday, July 26, 2010

My weekend adventure

We spend the whole day shopping today as we can finally “cross out” items from our buying list. Buying a new home can be disastrous to the pocket and to make matters worse, I left my job a year ago to concentrate on the renovations and the décor of our new home.
After the completion of the renovation, I decided to start up my online store in Etsy this coming August 2010. This will be my very first time selling products online and hence it took me much effort and time to read and research on the Internet.
In this blog, I would love to share a list of my favorites, interests, finds and life experiences with my readers. Below are some of the items we found yesterday.

1st item removed from list: Thai Fanta

I discovered this when I accompanied my friend, Shean to purchase her return ticket to Kuala Lumpur. A week later, my husband and myself decided to stock up some of these in our home.

This taste brought back my childhood memories; I was immediately brought back to my past where I was a young 7 year old girl tasting my first Fanta drink.

My husband and myself both agree that finding Fanta has given us the opportunity to re-live our childhood memories.

2nd item removed from list: New vintage phone

We found this vintage-look-alike phone in Mustafa Center. Although it wasn’t one of my favorite colors, it is still one of the most classic looking phones on the shelf and the ring tone is exactly the same as what I used to hear in mid 1980s.

3rd item removed from list: Matey bubble bath

We have been searching for bubble bath for the longest of time and we finally found this cute Matey bubble bath in Mustafa Center. The product label states:
“Product suitable for children of 1 year and over.”
We must be overgrown children buying it!

4th item removed from list: Pink Casio calculator

We never thought of buying a calculator as we thought we could use our iphone calculator instead. But when I started to calculate a long list of shipment costs and margins, I realized that I couldn’t do that without a physical calculator.

I observed a very pretty view from Sim Lim Tower carkpark.


  1. Funny that we are on opposite sides of the world but nostalgic about the same things! Oh, Matey!

  2. I'm so happy to have found someone with the same taste as me :)