Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost my mind on LIBERTY + Merci

Although I was not born a green finger but I truly adore anything with a touch of floral. People who love flowers will agree that florals will never go out of trend! Recently, I kept seeing this LIBERTY + Merci collection everywhere on the Internet and I even had a dream with the LIBERTY prints all around me… I believe my dream might be a message telling me that I have to invest in LIBERTY (evil smile)…

Check out this flower power video from LIBERTY.
Liberty's Flower Power Pageant 2010

link via LIBERTY blog

I would do this to my first car and I hope will not be stung by the bees while driving.
Image source from Francophilia Gazette

both images via Corner store

images via LIBERTY blog

Last chance to get you LIBERTY suitcase here


  1. i thought you wud 'stung by men" instead of bees with tht fancy car! loving all the above retro-ness.can't wait to send you some classic popo <3

  2. Nice to have you here, it is always good to chat with you and get some "quotes" from you.