Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Greenland behind the city (Part 2)

For those who are planning for a holiday in Europe and the United States, Feather Down Farm Days originating from Britain has set up a number of farms around Europe and the United States.

These are ideal getaways to strengthen relationships with your love ones because there are various activities, which you can participate and enjoy with them. Experiencing the great outdoors is far better than just watching the National Geographic Chanel on the TV.

Each farm is unique in its own geographical area and has its own specialities; one might specialize in beef; another in organic produce; one might be dairy; another might combine cattle with horses or sheep.

To avoid disappointment early booking is strongly recommended.

Check out where are the:
24 farms in Britain

12 farms in The Netherlands

7 farms in France

3 farms in Germany

3 farms in United States

Click to enlarge all the images.
All images are taken from Feather Down Farm Days website.

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  1. Loved the farms in the links, especially the ones in Britain. Must start saving up for my next farmstay hoilday!

    Keep up the great work :)