Saturday, July 31, 2010


Ribbon always wanted to have the last touch in packaging. I have also seen a lot of jewelries and accessories made with ribbons, but I have never seen such a lovely 3D animal-shaped ribbon.

‘Ribbonesia’ is the art project, which artist and illustrator ‘BAKU’ Maeda has been working on. In his collection, you can see a lot of joy and fun and I believe Baku Maeda feels happy making each of them. Each animal design is handmade with love, the details on his product are amazing and are second to none.

“It was 2 years ago in 2008 that I got this idea in making sculpture by using ribbon. I have gone through so many tries and errors since then. Now I have several families of my favorite animals. Will keep updating the new family of animals on this blog.”-Baku Maeda

The making behind these adorable 3D animals is tougher and longer than I could imagine. Not only being persistence, he also has to treat all his creations as part of his family, much more than just a “product”. And that really earned him a lot of respect in his work. I was personally deeply touched by his attitude in being extremely passionate on what he does. And I thank him and his creative team for producing such an inspiring project.

I wish all readers a nice weekend!

Quotes from Ribbonesia wesbite

'Ribbonesia' is 'BAKU' Maeda's art project who lives and works in Sapporo, Japan.
He as an artist and illustrator has been working with pens and brushes on paper and canvas. Since last couple of years, Mr
he has been using wrapping ribbon to create more 3 dimensional and sculptural works.

'BAKU' has always been interested in expression of animals since his childhood. Bending and twisting intuitively and carefully
chosen colors and delicate hand works made possible to create lively impression of animals.

In digitalized automation world, there is less and less quality differences on products. People are more and more looking
for non-digital, handmade products.
'Ribbonesia' will be your spokesperson for your someone special or anniversary to bring unforgettable joy and happiness.

For the original packaging, for the special occasions, 'Ribbonesia' is for you to make a wonderful morment. We will update
our activities and news on our website and blog so, please keep eyes on it.
Every 'Ribbonesia' animals are different just like living animals. We hope you to pick some and find your original way to celebrate.

BAKU Maeda
Artist / Illustrator

Born and live in Sapporo, Japan.
In creation of his distinctive style, He has been working in various media nationally.
As he is working in his home town Sapporo, known as city with rich nature environment, recently, he is more and more interested in wildlife as his theme of creation.
Follow Ribbonesia on Twitter and download their very nice wallpapers as your inspiration.
All images sourced from Ribbonesia
Wonderful creative team from Ribbonesia

Baku Maeda /Artist
Toru Yoshikawa /Creative Director
Ryo Ueda /Art Director
Fumiaki Hamagami /Web Director
Kei Furuse 古瀬桂/Photographer

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank you Mr.Popo!

There was a big surprise for me yesterday - I received a big parcel from Mr.Popo. For those who grew up in Malaysia and Singapore Popo snacks will definitely be familiar. It is so very addictive cause you will never know when to stop. According to Mr.Popo you can get the classic Popo from selected stores in Chinatown all around the world.

Good news for Popo fans, they are launching a new flavor - Sweet and Spicy! I personally enjoyed it a lot as I learned a new method of tasting them. Here is the tip from Mr.Popo: place your sweet and spicy Popo in the fridge without opening it, leave it for at least 3 hours. And you will have a different experience with the brand new Popo. The new Popo is currently only available in Malaysia supermarkets, petrol kiosks and selected 7-eleven stores.

I love to have my Popo with my old school Fanta drink (although it sounds very unhealthy) and I wonder how other Popo fans enjoy theirs? I am looking forward to receive your comments.

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Image source from Popo

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dressing for a Wonderland

Many people have heard about Elio Fiorucci, but have you heard about Love Therapy also by him? Anyone who loves Amelie Poulain will be crazy in love with Love Therapy.
6 years ago, I was lucky enough to begin my fashion career in Milano, Italy. I remember seeing a very unique and whimsical store near the San Babila station - Love Therapy by Elio Fiorucci. When I entered the store I was surprised a sweet, lovely and romantic fragrant. The interior mirrors a Wonderland.
I spent an hour walking around this double storey store, as I was very inspired by every single detail in the store. This store has designed a series of clothing inspired from a Wonderland. Besides, they also brought in lots of young designers’ clothing, shoes and accessories.
A couple of months later, I was selected to work with them. I was overjoyed when I had the opportunity to work with my favorite brand. If I have the chance , I would love to thank Mr. Fiorucci in person for the most memorable time I have ever had as a designer.

Love Therapy by Elio Fiorucci doesn't offer online shoping at the moment, you may get them at
Galleria Passarella 1
20122 Milano

and selected COIN store in Italy.The store always bring in new stuff all around the world from season to season,limited quantity. So, do remember to visit their store if you're in Milan.

I have gotten all my Melissa shoes from Love Therapy 6 years ago. You may get the latest Melissa collection at your neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Petain Road, Singapore

I captured this a few months back when I was walking along Balestier Road. I had never seen such a uniform Peranakan house in Singapore. And most of the houses there are still well kept by the owner.

I loved the combination of the colors, tiles, and materials. It has been a perfect match for heritage houses.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My weekend adventure

We spend the whole day shopping today as we can finally “cross out” items from our buying list. Buying a new home can be disastrous to the pocket and to make matters worse, I left my job a year ago to concentrate on the renovations and the décor of our new home.
After the completion of the renovation, I decided to start up my online store in Etsy this coming August 2010. This will be my very first time selling products online and hence it took me much effort and time to read and research on the Internet.
In this blog, I would love to share a list of my favorites, interests, finds and life experiences with my readers. Below are some of the items we found yesterday.

1st item removed from list: Thai Fanta

I discovered this when I accompanied my friend, Shean to purchase her return ticket to Kuala Lumpur. A week later, my husband and myself decided to stock up some of these in our home.

This taste brought back my childhood memories; I was immediately brought back to my past where I was a young 7 year old girl tasting my first Fanta drink.

My husband and myself both agree that finding Fanta has given us the opportunity to re-live our childhood memories.

2nd item removed from list: New vintage phone

We found this vintage-look-alike phone in Mustafa Center. Although it wasn’t one of my favorite colors, it is still one of the most classic looking phones on the shelf and the ring tone is exactly the same as what I used to hear in mid 1980s.

3rd item removed from list: Matey bubble bath

We have been searching for bubble bath for the longest of time and we finally found this cute Matey bubble bath in Mustafa Center. The product label states:
“Product suitable for children of 1 year and over.”
We must be overgrown children buying it!

4th item removed from list: Pink Casio calculator

We never thought of buying a calculator as we thought we could use our iphone calculator instead. But when I started to calculate a long list of shipment costs and margins, I realized that I couldn’t do that without a physical calculator.

I observed a very pretty view from Sim Lim Tower carkpark.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lost my mind on LIBERTY + Merci

Although I was not born a green finger but I truly adore anything with a touch of floral. People who love flowers will agree that florals will never go out of trend! Recently, I kept seeing this LIBERTY + Merci collection everywhere on the Internet and I even had a dream with the LIBERTY prints all around me… I believe my dream might be a message telling me that I have to invest in LIBERTY (evil smile)…

Check out this flower power video from LIBERTY.
Liberty's Flower Power Pageant 2010

link via LIBERTY blog

I would do this to my first car and I hope will not be stung by the bees while driving.
Image source from Francophilia Gazette

both images via Corner store

images via LIBERTY blog

Last chance to get you LIBERTY suitcase here

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fascinating website

If you had a hard day of work,is time to cheer yourself up. Check out this interesting website, i got a shock when i saw this too.

Image is taken from HEMA

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Greenland behind the city (Part 2)

For those who are planning for a holiday in Europe and the United States, Feather Down Farm Days originating from Britain has set up a number of farms around Europe and the United States.

These are ideal getaways to strengthen relationships with your love ones because there are various activities, which you can participate and enjoy with them. Experiencing the great outdoors is far better than just watching the National Geographic Chanel on the TV.

Each farm is unique in its own geographical area and has its own specialities; one might specialize in beef; another in organic produce; one might be dairy; another might combine cattle with horses or sheep.

To avoid disappointment early booking is strongly recommended.

Check out where are the:
24 farms in Britain

12 farms in The Netherlands

7 farms in France

3 farms in Germany

3 farms in United States

Click to enlarge all the images.
All images are taken from Feather Down Farm Days website.